Our products are rich in protein from the insect black soldier fly; a high-quality, hypoallergenic protein source that is completely free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Current research confirms the many benefits from using black soldier fly as a protein source for dogs. On this page, our lead veterinarian Nicky Sluczanowski has summarized this research, and you can also dive deeper into the studies behind it.

High quality protein

Insects are rich in amino acids with high digestibility, which makes them a high quality protein source. What this really means is that it covers your dog's need for all essential amino acids and that your dog can easily absorb the valuable protein.

For a healthy digestive system

Insects are a novel or new protein source for many dogs, and can thus be beneficial for dogs with dietary allergies or sensitive gastrointestinal systems. Since the dog has not been exposed to insect protein before, this reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. Our food also contains healthy dietary fibers and prebiotics from natural sources, which has proven beneficial effects on the intestinal bacterial flora and immune system. All of this, in combination with our products being naturally gluten free, make them extra kind to the digestive system.

Nutritious and natural

Our products are packed with nutrition from natural and carefully selected ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. Our insects are of course also completely free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Only good things – nothing else.

Developed with experts

Our products are developed with veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure an optimal nutritional profile, and all our recipes are based on the nutritional recommendations from FEDIAF. Our dental sticks are also developed with veterinary dental specialists to ensure a premium oral health product for your dog.