Insects are a powerful force of nature. Just as nature has the exceptional ability to create flourishing life where there is nothing, so do insects. Did you know they thrive on organic waste? They are one of our greatest upcyclers and can transform by-products into high-quality protein. Our insects are fed with organic, plant-based by-products of high quality.

Allergy Friendly Pet Food

Dog benefits

Insect protein comes with many benefits for your four-legged friend. It is a high quality and novel protein-source, which can be beneficial for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Our food is based on the research that has been done on black soldier fly for dogs, which shows very good results:

Contains all the dog's essential amino acids
High digestibility
Kind to the stomach

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Planet benefits

Our pets account for about 25% of meat consumption - yes, you read that right, 25%! Insects are an extremely resource-efficient protein source compared to other animal protein sources, and are considered one of the necessary solutions for a sustainable future on our planet.

Up to 94% lower carbon dioxide emissions
Up to 93% lower consumption of water and land area
Takes advantage of food waste in production

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Planet Friendly Pet Food
Our Insects

Our insects

One of the most common questions we get is what kind of insect is included in our products. This is a question we love to get - our insects are something we are proud of and happy to tell you more about!

The short answer: black soldier fly.

The long: Go to our insect page to read more!

Our production

Our feed is manufactured in the Netherlands, to minimize transport from our insect farm which is also located there. All ingrediens are traceable and 99.9% of the content comes from Europe.

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Our Production